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Long pacifist, Japan hones military skill alongside US

Camp Pendleton, California: In the early morning along a barren stretch of beach here last week, Japanese soldiers and U.S. Marines practiced how to invade and retake an island captured by hostile forces.
Memo to Beijing: Be forewarned.

One Marine sergeant yelled for his men, guns drawn, to push into the right building, as they climbed through the window of an empty house meant to simulate a seaside dwelling. The Marines had poured out of four amphibious assault vehicles as another group of smaller inflatable boats carrying soldiers of Japan's Western Army Infantry Regiment landed in an accompanying beachhead assault.

Taliban attack kills 19 Afghan soldiers, more missing: official

Kabul: The Taliban attacked an Afghan army base in the country's eastern Kunar province early on Sunday, killing 19 soldiers and kidnapping seven, the spokesman for the provincial governor said.

The spokesman, Abdul Ghani Musamem, said the attack occurred in the early hours of Sunday in Ghaziabad district, a remote, mountainous area of Kunar near the border with Pakistan. Musamem said Afghan forces had launched an operation to try to free the soldiers captured by the Taliban.

The Afghan Defence Ministry confirmed in a statement there was a Taliban attack on army checkpoints in that area but declined to give any immediate figures on casualties.

In a statement provided to media organisations, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

Hindu migrants from Bangladesh must be accommodated: Narendra Modi

Silchar, Assam: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today said Hindu migrants from Bangladesh must be accommodated in the country and detention camps would be done away with once his party comes to power.

"As soon as we come to power at the Centre, detention camps housing Hindu migrants from Bangladesh will be done away with," Mr Modi told a public rally at Ramnagar in Assam.

"We have a responsibility toward Hindus who are harassed and suffer in other countries. Where will they go? India is the only place for them. Our government cannot continue to harass them. We will have to accommodate them here," he said.

Stating that this did not mean that Assam has to bear the entire burden, he said "it will be unfair on them and they will be settled across the country with facilities to begin a new life."


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